August 4, 2017

Artist Residency – August 2017


This summer I was invited to participate in an artist residency at Root Studio in Maryland. The theme for the residency was Women and Independence. I embraced this by exploring how transformation and change have impacted my life. From the individual realm to the communal realm I believe that how we work with transformation in our lives impacts the world.

The moth is a powerful symbol of transformation. Moths have the ability to find light in the darkness. These images are clearly moths and not butterflies. I wanted to focus on unexpected beauty and strength rather than the obvious.

The paintings are 48” X 48”, acrylic on canvas. With the large canvas panels tacked directly to the wall I was able to work very physically and gesturally. This created a very joyful energy as I painted. My approach to these paintings was to let the images emerge from the surface. To me the translucence is powerful and the challenge became not over working the forms and layers.

August 4, 2017